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Florida Palm Tree Services,LLC.

    Disease prevention is as easy as having your palm trees inoculated to PREVENT the disease. I provide OTC (antibacterial) inoculations that will PROTECT susceptible palms AGAINST infection by Lethal Yellowing (LY) and Texas Phoenix Palm Tree (TPPD/Lethal Bronzing) disease.  

     In addition, your palm will be treated with specialized slow-release fertilizer since Florida soils do not provide the micro-elements palms need for optimum health. When a palm is not properly fertilized it will exhibit deficiency symptoms and unhealthy palm trees are more susceptible to diseases.

As a local resident and a horticulturist, as this area has grown, I have seen the need for a company that offers complete and easy Palm Tree care.

    As a locally owned business, I can offer affordable solutions for fertilization and disease prevention to keep your palms healthy year-round. 

                                  Liz Calise, Owner.

                       Florida Palm Tree Services, LLC.


 Florida Palm Tree Services,LLC.

 Phone: 772-501-7625

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Palm Solutions

     Florida Palm Tree Services, LLC is a service company that provides solutions that protect palm trees and prevent disease.

  *   Services include fertilizing with a specialized slow-release fertilizer to provide the microelements Florida palm trees don’t get from Florida soils.
   *   Antibiotic injections are available for susceptible palms that prevent diseases like lethal yellowing (LY) and Texas Phoenix Palm Disease (TPPD). 

   When deficiencies are not addressed the palm becomes weak and will easily succumb to insects that transfer diseases leading
to the death of the palm.